Wow! Best book I ever read on human psychology!

“Fogel’s guiding principles are right on target. Adopting them would have to improve your life.” Larry King



“I suggest you take a deep breath and dive into this book. Fogel’s hard-earned wisdom could transform your life. This book will help you put those debilitating inner voices to rest so you can reach your creative potential.” Ruth Weisberg: Dean, USC Roski School of Fine Arts



“This book is both interesting and educational. It is a fast read and a profitable experience.” Rabbi Isaiah Zeldin



“Steve Fogel dissects and examines the human decision-making process and the mental barriers that prevent us from flourishing—personally and professionally. In My Mind Is Not Always My Friend, he outlines the importance of awareness and commitment to overcoming self-destructive, self-defeating behavior. Steve’s book is an important read for us all.” Stuart Gabriel: Director of Ziman Center for Real Estate, UCLA, and Arden Realty Chair and Professor of Finance, UCLA Anderson School of Management



“Steve’s book is a game changer. His insights will improve your life.” Gray Davis: Former Governor of California



“As a psychiatrist, I found Steve Fogel’s book to be a deeply honest and realistic guide to help you recognize how you think, feel, and behave and how the problems you face today are rooted in your past. It’s also a useful took that can assist you in making necessary changes to improve your experience of life.” Diane Weiss, MD



“Parents who use Steve Fogel’s guidance for living a more fulfilling life will not only reap enormous personal benefit, they will also be role models for their children in ways that promise them a brighter future.” Ann Pleshette Murphy: Author of The 7 Stages of Motherhood, and parenting contributor for Good Morning America



“Steve incorporates sound psychological concepts into a very creative and inspiring read!” Walter E. Brackelmanns, MD



“Wise advice, clearly presented, on how to lead a more fulfilling life.” Helen Astin, PhD, and Alexander Astin, PhD: Psychologists, Distinguished Professors Emeriti, UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies



“As a result of intentionally forming the habits around what I learned from Steve’s books and his personal mentoring, I have built a successful real estate investment business…[and] I enjoy maintaining integrity, inner peace, and happiness.” Tom Burns: Speaker and Real Estate Entrepreneur



“When I met Steve, it was in the midst of the 80’s real estate boom, but at 24 I was too young and inexperienced to handle it.  By the end, I had lost everything and more. But with the unconditional help and guidance of Steve, I was able to come back stronger and wiser than ever.   I now own one of the most successful celebrity salons in Los Angeles, as well as numerous income properties. Without Steve being the wind beneath my wings, I would not be financially and emotionally secure.” Alex Roldan: Owner of Alex Roldan Salon and AWR Properties



“Engagingly written and deeply thought provoking. Fogel has a winning style and insightful perspective on how the mind works for us—and sometimes against us. A fascinating work.” Congressman Adam Schiff


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