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Help your organization unlock its true potential. Invite Steve Fogel to share his life-changing insights, based on his popular book, My Mind Is Not Always My Friend. Productivity in life and in career is enhanced when you have a focused and happy employee.


Steve FogelSteve shares:

  • Why the voice in your head is not you.
  • That feelings are not facts.
  • How to quiet the voice in your head.
  • Mindfulness: Experiencing without judgment or bias, and responding to what’s happening; not what you think is.
  • Why the first four points are rented (you don’t own them). They can vanish and you have to get them back.
  • With his experience as a Principal and Co-Founder of Westwood Financial Corp., one of the largest and most successful commercial real-estate investment and management firms in the country, complemented with his insights, Steve offers a unique view of how life works and strategies to make it joyful!

    “We live in a world where our choices are so often made to conform to others’ expectations or to fit in with societal norms. Steve has taught me not to be afraid of being different, but to passionately embrace the part of me that is unique.”
    Bryan Berkett - Real Estate Entrepreneur
    “Because of your life experience and ability personally to transform, to master so many areas of expertise, and to prosper, you bring great personal power and persuasive credibility to your audience.”
    Adrian S. Windsor, PhD. - Program Director for The Inside Edge Foundation for Education

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